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When you add your entertainment service or location to Find Top Casinos, you will get unlimited hits, and unlimited clicks per month.  This will cost you a tiny fraction of what it would normally cost you to advertise on search engines, or bid on listing spots.  Instead of spending $5000, $10,000, or $15,000, you only spend a tiny, tiny amount amount per month, and you get your listing placed on the site.  It is simple.  You pay a small prepayment per month and get unlimited clicks from the traffic resulting from our search engine listings, and you win big.

Upon every site visit, or refresh, the Online Casino Directory shows 24 small advertisements and two big banner advertisements.  Once an entertainment service provider (you) has secured an ad spot, then they get first rights to that spot, and continue to keep that spot as long as we receive the prepayments by the due date (first of each month).  All payments are prepayments that occur automatically on a monthly basis.

As mentioned above, there are two forms of advertisements provided:  The 88x31 pixel ads and the big 468 x 60 pixel ads.  You are allowed to purchase only one 88x31 ad spot.   The 468x60 ad rotate between fourteen ads, and you can purchase up to seven 468x60 ads.

The 88x31 size ads will have your casino name and your marketing phrase shown next to the ad, and have your URL associated to all three.  Every time someone visits the page, or refreshes the page, a random placement of the ads will occur.  This way, every advertiser from the pool of twenty four ads will get the top spots, and every other spot in between as the random rotation is done.  Overall this provides an even viewing to all the advertisers with lady luck having a little hand in it.

The 468x60 ads have only the image and a URL associated with the image for clicking.  The location of the two 468x60 advertisements will be one at the top of the page, and one below the group of 88x31 ads.  Only fourteen ads will be rotated through, and not randomly.  The banners will rotate through the order of ads upon each refresh or visit.  This way every advertiser is shown in a fair and even manner.

Place Your Order
To get your advertisement put on to the Online Casino Directory, please follow the instructions below and provide the required information, and push the  "To Secure Payment Form" button.


1. Online Casino Name
Please indicate your casino name to be displayed on the Directory (NOT URL or domain
).  This MUST be a legitimate name, and it must match the name used on your site.


2. Marketing Phrase
Please indicate your marketing phrase to be shown with your advertisement.  Maximum characters for phrase is 100 characters, including spaces.  Any absolute words like "Greatest", "Best", "Lowest" will be changed by us, unless it is referring to a legitimate name.


3. Upload Image
Please Upload the advertisement image you want shown in your ad spot.  By Uploading the image for us to use, you are also indicating that you have rights to using that ad, and you take all responsibility and liability for use of image you indicate.

Uploaded Image Size must match the Advertisement Type.



4. Ad Type
Please select the advertisement type you want
(88x31 or 468x60).
NO SETUP FEE!  You are saving big, because we are WAIVING the normal Setup Fee of $35 during this promotion period.

Setup Fee
Recurring Charge Period



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