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First, here are our Contact Information:

Sales Address and Information:

P.O. Box 2543
Santa Clara, CA 95055-2543

Global Number: 408-985-4579


Sales office hours:
Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM, PDT
Saturday to Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM, PDT
Voice messages are checked on regular intervals by Support after Sales office hours.

Billing/Accounting Information:

Internet Services
P.O. Box 2543
Santa Clara, CA 95055-2543

If you do not have email or Internet access, please call our Sales numbers.

Support Information:

If you need to communicate with Support, and you do not have email, then please use the Support Form at http://www.FindTopCasinos.com/Level2/supportform.shtml.

Note that support listens to Sales voice messages on regular intervals after Sales office hours.

About Find Top Casinos

FindTopCasinos.com is privately held.  A national and international private company based in the technology center of California, US, and often referred to as Silicon Valley.  FindTopCasinos.com also gets traffic from FindTopCasino.com.  FindTopCasinos.com has been developed over many years.  The focus of the site has been to keep it simple so visitors can have a comfortable and easy experience, and not have to navigate through a sea of ads and a messy website that causes confusion.  At the same time we try to make the site festive.  Visitors tend to come back over and over when a site is simple, clear, easily navigated, and has what they are looking for.  This is what we have done on Find Top Casinos.  The team of Find Top Casinos is comprised of business men, and women with backgrounds ranging from web site designer to electrical design engineer; from corporate manager to a fortune 100 company founder; from book keepers to attorneys.   The team has experience in advertising on TV, radio, direct mail ads, Internet banners, and email ads.  If you are an advertiser, you can feel confident that a responsible and experienced team is marketing your ads through FindTopCasinos.com, and strives to increase the number of unique visitors to the site.  Our estimates show traffic to be 75,000 plus per month in the very near future.

FindTopCasinos.com, its employees, and are not affiliated with any casino, gambling, or related entertainment entities.  We are a pure neutral party providing quality traffic for an extremely cost effective price.

FindTopCasinos.com has set a policy of no adult site related usage for promoting the site.  We believe this can bring a negative image to your casino or track.  People will associate the image or meaning of where they see your ad with your casino or track facility, or Internet casino. 

The name and phrase of "Find Top Casinos" and "Find Top Casino" was created by us first on the Internet, and we posted the first incidence of those phrases on the world wide web, and within the world.  We have exclusive ownership and copyrights of those phrases, and Find Top Casinos, FindTopCasinos.com, and FindTopCasino.com are all our trademarks.

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