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When you add your entertainment service or location to Find Top Casinos, you will get unlimited hits, and unlimited clicks per month for focused quality traffic.  This will cost you a tiny fraction of what it would normally cost you to advertise on search engines, or bid on listing spots.  Instead of spending $5000, $10,000, 15,000, or $30,000+, you only spend from $120 to $200 per month, and you get your listing placed on the site.  It is simple.  You pay a small prepayment per month and get unlimited clicks from the traffic resulting from our search engine listings, and network listing, and you win big.  In general, we see that getting just one click from our visitors could pay for your monthly cost, and so you can imagine how much profit you are keeping for every dozen clicks that occur.

Find Top Casinos spends thousands of dollars, and we expect that to grow to tens of thousands of dollars every month to achieve number 1 to number 5 placement on the major search engines.  Such search engines as Yahoo, Overture, Google, MSN, Hot Bot, Alltheweb, Alta Vista, and many more.  We leverage our buying power of this site and many others to get top placement on these search engines.  It would costs you significantly more to get something that gets a little close to those placement positions.  You have most likely seen that your listing never shows on the first pages or second pages, or even the third page of the search engines.  It is unlikely that a customer will continue beyond the second page of a search when multiple search links show what he needs from the beginning.  We regularly achieve number one to number five position on the search engines, and thus drive traffic to here.  In addition to search engine listings, Find Top Casinos works with an ISP, and a network of hosting companies to have our site advertised ( non-adult sites; all hosting companies are verified), and generate traffic of only visitors who are looking for what the listing has.  Those who advertise here get the benefits.  So, how do you benefit from listing here:

1. You get name recognition by visitors, and increased word of mouth.
2. You get search engine traffic for high positions without having to pay for those high positions.  This is like getting a large discount on search engines listings; people come to FindTopCasinos.com first.
3. When visitors come to our site, they click on your ad or link, and you get more traffic, which translates to more revenue.
4. You make more money from customers who visit your site, and you don't have to share any of the revenue generated by your customers.  You can take the money you saved to create even bigger and more enticing promotions.
5. You get unlimited hits and unlimited clicks for a fixed low, low monthly fee.
6. Visitors come back here regularly to visit casino sites.  Visitors tend to bookmark the site, and come back here first.
7. When people travel, they visit here to find casinos and tracks in the location to which they are traveling.
8. There is no term contract, and just a monthly prepayment, and so your risk is limited by that fact and that it is so cheap to advertise here, and you can cancel at any time.

The benefits clearly out way the small cost, so order now by selecting the category (below) in which you want to place a listing or ad.

It s important to immediately place your order, if you see an empty slot on a Find Top Casinos directory page that you can be listed on.  This is especially important if you want ad listing on the Internet Casino directory, since it only has 24 spaces available.  So, if it is available, you should take it immediately, because there is quantity limitations per category page. 
The following advertisement restrictions exist:
A) We only allow 24 small advertised listings for the Internet Casino directory.  Once they are sold out, then that is it, unless a entertainment provider cancels, which is unlikely.
B) Casino By Location, Horse Track, and Dog track directories are based on physical locations.  You can be listed in each, and once on the Internet Casino directory.  Each order would have to be place separately.
C) Absolute words like "best", "lowest", "greatest" are not allowed in the in the Marketing Phrases you submit with your ad order.

How to Place your Order

To get more details, or place your order, select the category in which you want to place your listing or advertisement by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Internet Casino Listing

Internet Casinos By Location Listing

Horse Tracks Listing

Dog Tracks Listing


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